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Cross-Border Payments

We make global, 24/7 payments a reality for any kind of business. Immutable, multi-currency, and without any blockchain hassle, we bring the crypto integration you need for a new dimension of transactions.

Super-fast, secure payments

Cryptocurrency & Fiat Exchange

Custom-fit, fast integration

No hidden fees

Crypto/Fiat Coins & Rates

Envision receiving payments for your business in over 20 cryptocurrencies and over 30 fiat currencies - securely, almost instantly, and without additional banking. Keep your balance of choice with no hidden fees, auto-exchange.

Payments in 30+ fiat currencies

Support for 20+ cryptocurrencies


100% frictionless

We’re Ready To Liberate Your Payments

For any questions at all, business inquiries, or quote requests, simply reach out to us and we’ll get in touch. Our team at ViraPay are always ready to serve you

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